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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA


An international, independent and credible
specialist for business and gaming consultancy

We bring more than 60 years of accumulative experience in the betting and gambling industry. In an ever-changing, dynamic and digital environment our global insights help our clients to drive their growth, retain and expand their customer base and successfully maximize operational performance.


Our experience in Management Consultancy, Business Development and Strategic Marketing enables us to innovatively solve our client’s business challenges. Companies are increasingly forced to adapt their business models and strategies due to digital transformation. CODEGO’s independent consultancy services are knowledge- and practice based and will help our clients to adapt to changing and new markets.



We are committed to building a prosperous and long-lasting partnership with our clients to maximise our mutual success.


Our most important objective is to realize the full potential of our partners. By identifying the gaps and the quick wins, we endeavour to deliver bespoke consulting and effective marketing strategies to drive development, growth and productivity whilst remaining compliant to all regulations in different jurisdictions.


Our clients are not only partners in business but also form an integral part of CODEGO – we share their passion, enthusiasm and hunger for success. These shared objectives are the driving force behind our commitment to maximize their growth opportunities and dominate their competition.



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