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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA


CODEGO supports clients by providing insight and solutions (both offline and digital) that not only help adapt to the changing market needs but also generate results.


CODEGO goes beyond scoping out individual business issues and proposing a quick fix. We support clients to work more efficiently and to achieve their highest growth potential. Combining our expertise and specialist knowledge in response to our clients’ changing needs we boost/enhance their way of doing business.


Marketing strategies and solutions
CRM Strategy covering business areas like conversion, retention, reacquisition, churn and x-branding.


You are in the process of recruiting management? CODEGO is available for intermediary assignments as well as long-term contracts to run your business until you find your most suitable candidate.


In a dynamic market with transformative growth opportunities it’s important to adhere to regulations and stay compliant.


In strictly regulated and highly competitive markets we evaluate, analyse, develop and implement sustainable and pro-active concepts.


A good strategy should take into account existing barriers and resources. It needs to stay within the overall vision, mission and objectives of an industry or a company.


Let us help you with customer database segmentation and value extraction to boost revenue, player value extraction and organisational expansion.


Collaborate with stakeholders to develop strategic campaign communications that engage existing customer base, grow traffic and boost conversion.


Develop and implement digital strategy with a holistic approach for expanding marketing through web, mobile, social media, and direct mail platforms.